Renter Number ____________

Briarcliff Community Club

Seasonal RENTER Application

I am applying for a Seasonal Rental -- available to residents and non-residents of the Briarcliff Subdivision

    • I am a resident of the Briarcliff Subdivision, and will be renting directly from a current shareowner. Current Shareowner last name: ­­­­___________________.
       I will pay the shareowner directly and shareowner will pay BCC for seasonal dues.

    • I am not a resident of the Briarcliff Subdivision, and will be renting a Club-owned share.
      I understand I must provide a current Shareowner reference name with this application.
      My Briarcliff Club shareowner reference is:   _____________________________

Family Last Name(s):  __________________________________________

Name of Adults residing at your same address:  ____________________________________________

Full Address: _________________________________________________

Best Contact Phone#: __________________________________________

Email Address: ________________________________________________

Name of Minor Children/Dependents


Residing at your same address

Birth Year



I have read the Briarcliff Community Club Rules and Regulations as stated on the web site, and I and my family members agree to abide by these rules at all times. I understand that my seasonal rental allows pool gate entrance only for the family members named on this application, residing at my same address.  I also understand that if I, and/or my family members do not comply with these Rules and Regulations, we may be asked to leave the Briarcliff Community Club grounds and our rental privileges may be revoked. I understand it is my responsibility that any guest(s) I bring to the Club must also adhere to these same Rules and Regulations.

Signed: ___________________________________________ Date:___________________________

Send this completed application to: BCC Membership Chair, Glenn Brook, 149 Maryville Cir, Oak Ridge 37830
Questions? Call 865-313-5417